Admission to Canada is governed by Canadian Immigration Act & Regulations, a complex set of rules which are subject to interpretation by the visa officers, who by law are authorized to issue a visa to those who wish to live and/or work in Canada.

G M & Associates will be coming out with many new services in relation to Immigration matters and to better serve our prospective Clients. We are constantly asking ourselves "What more can we do for our clients? How can we make our services even better?" That would be our way of saying thank you for allowing G M & Associates the privilege to serve your Immigration needs.

1. Free consultations to determine eligibility
2. Assisting in preliminary survey of business opportunities in Canada
3. Assistance with the completion of the application form for immigration
4. Preparation of business plans and obtaining provincial approval.
5. Periodic follow- up of the status of the application
6. Counseling you and your family on life in Canada, social customs, Government regulations, etc.

"Our experienced and sensitive staff is willing to go an extra mile for our clients. Our services do not end on foreign shores, they continue on Canadian soil until the day you call Canada your home."


1. Introduction to Preferred Brokers, Real Estate (Property) Agents, Car Sales and Insurance Agents
2. Referral to investment advisors

Mr. George Mathew, our Director at G M & Associates, is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).