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(Stanley Thompson): I landed in Canada through G M Associates. Mr George Mathew - President guided me to complete procedural formalities. Once I landed in Canada I was properly taken care of by their officials. They were found very cordial, caring and and has been providing me with all levels of support. They made me think that I am not alone in Canada . I thank them for settling me so expeditiously in Canada without their help it wouldn't have been possible.
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(Kazi Imtiyaz Usman Ghani): Wherever any immigrant lands in a new country, his or her expectations and anxieties are massive in the initial stage. Lots of uncertainties prevails. In this respect the professional services offered by G M Associates were very helpful. It had allowed me to get settled in a very short span of time. Mr George Mathew has assisted me right through the initial documentations till the landing process and thereafter, to get properly settled in Canada. He has provided me various tips and guidance. I sincere advise to all those interested to immigrate to Canada is like an investment which will definitely give heavy returns in a short span of time. I thank them for their good work they have been doing over the years for the landed immigrant.